Get ready for the ultimate 21st century cool-tech roadrunner!’ Toucan is an ultralight environmentally friendly 4 wheel vehicle that combines pedal power with electric motor assistance. A combination of inspired innovative design, art, science and engineering the Toucan is an ultra cool eye catching piece of brilliant product design and engineering excellence! A visually stunning mix of style aesthetics and technology the Toucan is a masterful alchemy of product design that delivers the ultimate coolness factor.

Simply put: This is an absolute ‘Must Have Boys Toy’ for all the envelope pushing ultra tech super-geeks kidults stylists and environmental hipsters, who are always way ahead of the game. With a start price of £9.5k, The Toucan will only be available as a Bespoke item, built and designed to the clients unique needs, desires and specifications , therefore each one will have it’s own unique design signature. A truly inspired piece of ultra funky technology, the Toucan stops traffic and draws the crowds everywhere! However as well as it’s obvious combination of stylish engineering tech coolness, it is also an extremely functional environmentally friendly practical and extremely stable vehicle. Once you have seen it and given it a test drive, you will be hooked! Ultralight .Environmentally Friendly .Four Wheels Combines Pedal Power With Electric Motor Assistance .Total Comfort & Stability .Bespoke Design To Your Unique Specification & Needs. Toucan


A Winner! e-Bike Christmas Raffle 2014

We would like to remind all those who participated that your ticket also serves as a membership card. You are eligible for discounts and privileges including workshops and courses in 2015.

There can only be one e-bike winner! Congratulations to Phil (I never win anything) Ruthen!


Let’s not forget Tom Marshall and Marius Jankowski winning those rare black WLCC T-shirts! Congratulations and Merry Christmas to one and all!